Dennis Hope's Purported
"Claim" To Moon Ownership

Many of Hope's "land owners" are ferociously intent on supporting his claim to owning the moon.  Unfortunately, his claim is patently and comically hilarious and filled with mistakes both legal and grammatical.

This "claim" is a copy of what Hope purports to be his "original," allegedly dating back to 1980, and it shows both his naiveté and lack of proofreading skills. Note that he refers to himself as "THE HEADS CHEESE" (plural?) on the signature line, and he appears to have a first-grader's knowledge, of the use of, commas, as a, punctuation device, peppering his text, liberally, and shamelessly with them, throughout.

The primitive 1980's-era computer that he utilized to generate the document apparently lacked a spell-check function, relegating Hope to status as the "Omnipitant" rather than "Omnipotent" ruler of the Lighted Lunar Surface. (Coincidentally, does that mean he doesn't rule any part of the moon that is in shadow, as half of the lunar surface, near side and far side, always is?)

Herewith, the "claim":

Dennis Hope Declaration of Moon Ownership


This is to inform the sovereign planet of, Earth, that, Dennis M. Hope, is now and shall ever be known as, "THE OMNIPITANT RULER OF THE LIGHTED LUNAR SURFACE." Mr. Hope. Will here-in-after, also have the exalted title of, "THE HEAD CHEESE." Any and all further transactions in regard to, Real Estate planning, development, and further exploration of the lighted lunar surface will be done at the advice and consent of, "THE HEAD CHEESE."

All existing mineral, water, oil, and liquid rights will henceforth remain with, "THE HEAD CHEESE," until such time as he declares differently. "THE HEAD CHEESE," will have total governmental say as to tenants and governmental entities that wish to negotiate any involvement with the Lighted Lunar Surface.

I, "THE OMNIPITANT RULER OF THE LIGHTED LUNAR SURFACE, (a.k.a, "THE HEAD CHEESE") on this 22nd day of November 1980, do hereby inform the world that the ownership of the Moon, of Earth, is hereby claimed by me, Dennis M. Hope. Said property shall remain in my possession until such time as I declare differently."

Let it also be known to all mankind that I subsequently claim ownership of the remaining known eight planets and their respective moons from this day forward. As owner I hold all rights over these properties without limitation. The planets claimed are known to mankind as: MERCURY, VENUS, MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE and PLUTO, respectively.

It is further declared that all known rules and laws pertaining to homestead acts as known on the planet, Earth, are hereby declared invalid on the above listed planets and moons.

I, Dennis M. Hope, do hereby make these claims with all the God given rights as my forefathers claimed the property known to all mankind as, earth. Accept my sincerest desires to cooperate with all foreign sovereignties and their representatives and trust I that I will offer all humanity to share in this tremendous adventure.


Dennis M. Hope - "THE HEADS CHEESE"        November 22, 1980
cc: USA, U.S.S.R., United Nations General Assembly


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